24000mg Water Soluble NANO CBD ADVANCED THERAPEUTIC SPECTRUM Moonwalkers Pack


24000mg Water Soluble NANO CBD ADVANCED THERAPEUTIC SPECTRUM Moonwalkers Pack

hemptium water soluble nano cbd therapeutic moonwalkers pack

24000mg Water Soluble NANO CBD ADVANCED THERAPEUTIC SPECTRUM Moonwalkers Pack


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Now Available Without a Rx ~ The Newest CBD Therapeutic to join the HEMPTIUM™ CBD array, is a specially formulated Water Soluble NANO CBD Advanced Therapeutic Spectrum Moonwalkers Pack, that comes complete with twelve (12) 2000mg of Ultra Premium NANO CBD BioActive Kits, twenty-four (24) 16mg calibrated micro dosing scoops and twenty-four (24) 60 ml reusable shot/mixing bottles. Lab Proven Effective, Affordable, Easy to Use, and Mixes Instantly with ANY Liquid or Food Prep.

* 1500 SERVINGS Per Family Pack (@ 16mg)
* ONLY $.97 Per 16mg Serving
* Instantly Mixes with FOOD & DRINK
* >96% Bio-Absorption
* 10x Greater Bio-availability Than CBD OIL
* Pharmacokinetic Verified Lab Test (PK)

* NO Pesticides or Contaminants
* NO Heavy Metals or Chemicals

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The Newest Product to join the HEMPTIUM™ CBD array, is a specially formulated Water Soluble NANOEMULSION Advanced Therapeutics Family Pack, that comes complete with twelve (12) 2000mg of Ultra Premium NANO CBD BioActive Powder Kits, twenty-four (24) 16mg calibrated micro dosing scoops and twenty-four (24) 60 ml reusable shot bottles. It’s proven effective, affordable, easy to use, and mixes instantly with any liquid or food prep.

ALL HEMPTIUM™ NANO WATER SOLUBLE NANO CBD THERAPEUTICS are 10x more bio-available to the blood stream and blood plasma of human beings, than any other known form of CBD delivery. CBD, whether carried in oil, vaped, dabbed, smoked or otherwise…yields only fractional results by comparison. And as we know through the science of biochemistry, if CBD (cannabidiol) is not present in the blood stream and within blood plasma at therapeutic levels, it is entirely ineffective. And expensive to be wasting!

This is why 95% of individuals who take CBD carried in a base oil like MCT (fractionated coconut oil with medium chain triglycerides), report seeing little to no results at all…regardless of potency strength and multiple applications.


Very simply put, cannabidiol (CBD) is an oil, extracted and isolated from numerous varieties of cannabis plants (sativas, indicas, etc).

In most cases, this raw CBD oil extract is then “cut” or “diluted” in strength by adding it to a carrier oil like coconut (MCT) oil. The reason for this does have some honest science behind it, and evidenced by the fact that we’ve seen in the lab that CBD – in the presence of fat – does have a higher rate of epithelial tissue absorption than it does alone. Very marginal absorption for sure, but true at least. Not to mention the obvious reason for cutting the extract down, is the incredibly bitter taste it has in its pure form.

But all of this does not change the fact that raw cannabidiol CBD extract is still an oil, and that presents us with the next biological roadblock we face: the first pass in the liver.

Now, while a very small amount of CBD can be absorbed under the tongue and oramucosal membranes of our mouths, still blood stream/blood plasma uptake is at best 8-10% if you’ve done everything right. The rest of the oil gets swallowed, where it will now hit the degradational acids in our stomach and awaits it’s trip through the “first pass” of the liver…where ultimately it’s degraded and broken down even further by enzymes.

Any CBD left over after it leaves the liver, does have a chance for entry into the bloodstream, but very little actually does. We know that some residual CBD gets absorbed in the white adipose fat cells of our bodies, and most of the research on the subject shows about 4% of the molecules take temporary residence there. This, however, isn’t all that bad though…because there are two effects seen in the lab that do hold promise. One, CBD can convert white adipose fat (stored fat) to brown adipose fat (fat for energy), thereby allowing us to lose weight without diet or exercise. And two, there is a “timed-release” component to white fat stored CBD, so a small amount of CBD can enter the bloodstream over time. Again, the numbers are still rather small.

Hopefully you see the picture being painted here. Our bodies do have the ability to break down and use oil based products to some degree, but there is a degradation process required through multiple biological processes to accomplish it. This is why any compound that we hope to use, that’s simultaneously “caught up inside” the oil molecule, will suffer degradation as well.

But there is a much better way to do things!

Ever heard the “Water and oil DO NOT MIX” cliche’? WRONG…THEY CAN! And this is the key to making CBD highly bio-available to the blood stream of the human body!

There are three ways water and oil can be mixed (to keep things simple).
Note: If you’re a scientist reading this, please understand that I am taking the “layman’s approach” to describing processes, and would be more than happy to have a deeper conversation with you at anytime. Thank you!

First way is to combine oil and water with chemicals/emulsifiers, whereby chemicals/emulsifiers “solubilize” the oil into the water.
~ Problem: Not ideal for the high CBD concentrations we need for our solution!

A second way to combine oil and water, is in a vacuum, and depending on the ratios of oil to water, you can get a solution that’s either temporarily or indefinitely stable.
~ Problem: High CBD concentrations create an unstable emulsion.

The third and most dynamic way to mix oil and water (this is how we make water soluble CBD nanoemulsions), is through high amplitude/high shear sonic cavitation technology. This technology does not require the use of chemicals or emulsifiers per se, and can create high concentrate emulsions that are in the 20-100nm range and kinetically stable forever (for reference, the thickness of a single human hair is 100,000nm by comparison).
~ WINNER!: Regardless of desired CBD concentrations, solutions remain kinetically stable forever!

hemptium water soluble nano cbd therapeutic bioabsorption study


With CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids…the key to effectivity in the human body, is to get them into blood plasma without being first processed and degraded by the liver and digestive system. We know that epithelial tissue can almost instantly absorb molecules less than 9µ microns (or 9000nm), so our High Shear CBD Nanoemulsions at <100nm are ideal for rapid bloodstream uptake.

With our New WATER SOLUBLE CBD NANOEMULSION product, from the time the liquid hits your mouth, and as it travels down the esophagus…it is being absorbed into this epithelial tissue and directed to the bloodstream without degradation.

Now you can experience the True Power of Botanical Chemistry, and feel The Full Effect of CBD (cannabidiol) working in your body. Along with our Advanced Spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, you can finally unleash the power of nature’s healing chemistry.



Our Bio-actives are grown and extracted exclusively in the USA, in the World’s Premier Vertically Integrated hemp farming operation. The dedication and science we apply to the production of these bio-active compounds, is unparalleled in the industry, and our mission to educate the public to high level science remains unequaled.

Every batch we release to the public for consumption, has been tested both internally by our science team, as well as sent to multiple redundant third party labs for strict testing. All orders ship with batch specific, verifiable and trackable COAs (certificates of analysis).

Orders placed Monday – Friday will be shipped SAME DAY.
No Returns Accepted for all Bioactive CBD products (see RETURN POLICY for details).


* Why did we name this package the MOONWALKERS PACK? Well, to give a big shout out to NASA & mankind’s incredible space journeys, the number 12 represents the 12 men who’ve walked on the surface of the moon. To read more about these amazing astronauts…click here >>

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