The Value of CBD & How To Properly Determine It

The Value of CBD & How To Properly Determine It

The Value of CBD & How To Properly Determine It

official hemptium logoThe term “Value” is regularly defined as the monetary, material, or assessed worth of an asset, good or service. We have thought long and hard about this term and needed to come to a conclusion about what it meant for us, prior to bringing it to the industry. At the same time, the leadership at Hemptium™ brands decided that we should couple this value with the daily struggle that most Americans have when they think about what to invest in.

If we pick the definition of value apart we realize that it’s regularly, either a race for “More Scoops of Raisins in each box”, or it’s a race to the “far right” of the pricing gun. (Anyone who has ever spent hours with a price gun know what I’m referring to)

So, we asked ourselves, how do we value ourselves in light of an industry that has put so much emphasis on a few letters of its, currently, most important botanical extract.

We started with the name and decided to call the brand Hemptium. There are plenty of companies called “Joe’s CBD” shop. CBD is an absolutely phenomenal compound, but we wanted to be even more. We want people to know that our brand is here for the long haul. The industrial Hemp plant is where the magic happens and Hemptium is equipped to pivot, when necessary, to stay on top of any changes that come our way.

Now, with that being said, how have we stacked up so far? More importantly, how is each company stacking up with regards to things that are the most important aspects of their products, and perhaps what questions should you be asking of your brand.

Here is what you should be evaluating:

1. Make sure that every single product you order comes attached with a third-party Certificate of Analysis (COA). It is imperative that you know what is in the product that you are purchasing. The legal limit of THC is the most obvious in the analysis. If you’re purchasing CBD-isolate or anything more that contains CBD, make sure you are doing the math to figure out how much by weight %, and concentration (mg/mL) you are actually paying for. Also, make sure that you know if there are traces of anything else. Things like Bacteria, aerobic and coliform, bile, yeast and mold, need to be at certifiably “passable” limits.

2. Next, as mentioned above briefly…do the math. Hemptium™ CBD Tinctures currently come in 1200 and 3000mg dosages. That means that each full dropper of 1200mg gives you 40mg of product. Each 3000mg full dropper gives you 100mg of product. Each comes in 30mL bottles and typically lasts 30 days. Is that the same thing that you are getting from your current brand?

3. Lastly, make sure, for the price that you are paying, that you are getting expert knowledge. Don’t waste your time on phony claims of “miracles”. This is a process and you need to understand how it works in your body.

Didn’t I say above that Hemptium brands wanted to be “more”? What exactly would I be talking about if I arbitrarily used the word “more”? That’s very easy to say, but can be very hard to stay consistent with if your business’ moral compass is out of whack. True north on the Hemptium brand compass leads to health and wellness. We can move in the same direction, even if some of us need to get off the road at different points along the way and enjoy the view from different vantage points. As much as I don’t personally have chronic pain, and love to look at the mountains, someone else may have debilitating and uncontrollable anxiety and want to lie on a beach and watch the tide roll in. The Power of Botanical Chemistry offered at Hemptium brands will always be the engine. The pilots will steer true and not fall asleep.

If we were to tell you that we were selling gold today for $1200 per ounce, would you find the money to buy it, knowing what the gold spot was? What if you had a choice to find the $1200 when you knew the spot today was $1482.90, or pay for a years supply of life changing “medication”? If we could continue to do one or the other of those things every year for you, which would you value more as your own Modern-Day Gold Rush?


Never be ashamed to ask as many questions as you may have. There are no dumb questions. There are, however, irresponsible answers everywhere. Find Value…and continue to Invest in Your health!!



Brian Workman – Co-Founder/Writer

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