At HEMPTIUM™, our top priority is to provide World Class education and enlightenment to our customers and clients, regarding one of the most powerful botanical compound families ever discovered – The Cannabis Sativa Cannabinoids.

We accomplish this first and foremost, through an honest and educational scientific learning protocol grounded in truth, not by making unsubstantiated health claims and reckless product marketing statements to garner sales.

Furthermore, the research and scientific findings that you’ll find here on HEMPTIUM.COM, are not biased towards HEMPTIUM™ and our brand, but come from completely independent third party labs worldwide…and vetted by our scientific advisory panel of geneticists, chemists and medical doctors.

And while much of the educational materials we provide on our site can be difficult to read and understand, due to their scientific nomenclature, we will always break things down to shorter and more simple reads in the HEMPTIUM™ BLOG.

So instead of falling down the ubiquitous hole of fake science and intentionally misleading marketing schemes in the CBD industry, we encourage you to join us, and learn how to understand the chemistry behind these most amazing botanical compounds.