2023 UPDATE: Cannabis Nanoemulsion Technology Vastly Improves Healing

2023 UPDATE: Cannabis Nanoemulsion Technology Vastly Improves Healing

Cannabis Nanoemulsion Technology Vastly Improves Biological Healing

Recent advances in nanotechnology have revolutionized the development of cannabis therapeutics. Nanoemulsion technology opens up entirely new possibilities, and has the potential to drastically improve cannabis therapeutics.

workman scientific logoNanoemulsions are droplets of oil containing tiny particles, typically in the range of 10-200 nanometers in size. These particles are able to penetrate the cell walls and be absorbed faster and more efficiently than larger particles, resulting in greater bio-availability of the cannabinoids in the cannabis.

Studies have been done to assess the efficacy of using nanoemulsions in cannabis therapeutics. In a study published in Nanomedicine, researchers found that cannabinoid nanocarriers had “improved cellular uptake of cannabinoids and have demonstrated an increased in vivo efficacy.” Another study published in the journal Nanobiotechnology found that nanoemulsions were able to facilitate the transdermal delivery of cannabinoids, allowing the cannabis to be absorbed through the skin.

These findings suggest that nanoemulsions can provide superior pain and inflammation relief compared to traditional forms of cannabis therapies. Nanoemulsions can deliver cannabinoids to the target area more quickly, allowing them to take effect faster and providing more effective pain management. In addition, nanoemulsions allow cannabinoids to be more readily absorbed, potentially leading to improved therapeutic effects.

Overall, nanoemulsion technology has the potential to drastically improve cannabis therapeutics. By providing faster and more efficient absorption of cannabinoids, nanoemulsions can impart greater therapeutic effects. With further research and development, nanoemulsions may become an effective and accessible form of cannabis treatment.

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