CBD BIOHACKING, is the inclusion of 99.9% pure cannabidiol (CBD, or more precisely – C21H30O2) water soluble nano-emulsions, into the chemistry formulation process of micro adjusting or “hacking” ones own personal biology towards optimization. Whether it be for a better night’s sleep, lowering anxiety and stress, ramping up sexual libido, skyrocketing performance in the gym or all of these…the implementation of high-level chemistry can yield dramatic, life changing results.


Lab tested and pure compounds are the backbone of all trusted, testable and repeatable biohacks. For the CBD part of our journey, only 99.9% pure water soluble nano-emulsions of C21H30O2 will work.

At the HEMPTIUM™ Formulation Lab, we stock both nano-emulsified liquid and powder versions of CBD for the highest degree of potency and bioavailability (proven in blood plasma). This compound diversity gives the HEMPTIUM™ Formulation Lab one of the broadest and most robust compound libraries in the USA CBD business.

Furthermore, all of our CBD is sourced exclusively from within the USA, via heavily licensed, regulated and vertically integrated farms with credentialed onsite chemists, geneticists, botanists and medical personnel. Proof of source is always provided to every client, via third party Certificates of Analysis (COA) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Finally, each and every bioactive sub-compound used in our formulations, is also acquired through reputable and highly governed pharmaceutical grade providers, to insure safety for our clientele and efficacy of our formulas.


The art of a true biohack lives in ones ability to not only identify an area of their biology to “hack”, but also in the understanding of the chemistry it takes to achieve success. This is why, in most cases, time is our friend, and rushing to increase formula potency too early can be a really bad idea.

For this reason, we give our clients access to the studied chemistry literature right here on HEMPTIUM.COM, insomuch as it pertains to the areas of success we’ve all had in the CBD Biohacking circle. Clients can study the literature on their own time, identify biological areas in themselves that they want to address, and then together we can create custom formulations that address their specific personal needs.

Furthermore, all testing, regardless of ones biological goals, is always maintained via compounds, nutrients and bio-actives that are 100% legal and available in all 50 states.


Anyone who’s completed a successful CBD biohacking protocol, will always be the first to tell you, the results can be positively life changing and eye-opening. So it’s no cliche to say, “when you know….you just know”.

At HEMPTIUM™, our goal is help get you there. Instead of fighting against the sciences, we embrace them, harness them and wield them for the betterment of humanity.

Once you accept that the whole of the universe dances on the strings of physics (quantum mechanics/zero point energy field), which in turn determines how chemistry unleashes its power to affect all biological living things, then you have at least put yourself in the highly desirable realm of potential enlightenment.

In order to move beyond the “potential” and realize the “actual”, true enlightenment always presents itself as a soft corona of peace, joy and happiness – a place where all is right in yourself and the collective universal consciousness. You’ll know you’re in it when you’re in it – that’s all we can say!